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Welcome to Prabodh Nirman

PRABODH NIRMAN was incorporated in the year 1995. The story began when two young engineering graduates were working for an institute called 'JNANA PRABODHINI' from year 1974 to 1988. An engineering research department of this institute was headed by Mr. V.Y. Kulkarni & subordinated by Mr. V.S. Gole. This department was working in the field of High Precision Engineering & the products were Precision Special Purpose timers having a range of milliseconds to hours. Swiss & German make machines like Tournous, Wahli, Posalux, Bole, Carl Zeiss & Acera etc.; were used to produce these timers. The other products were performance testing equipment like high 'G' centrifuge testing equipment & high speed spinning equipment.

Knowledge of handling the high precision products as well as commissioning, use & maintenance of these Swiss & German machinery was foundation to the thought of producing Special Purpose Machines. The two engineers came together for this purpose & formed the partnership concern.

Special purpose machines & Industrial automation is in great demand in this era of high competition amongst the Manufacturer, Supplier of consumer products like Automobiles, Consumer Durables Home appliances & White Goods etc.

Mr. V. Y. Kulkarni was a scholar throughout his carrier; received specialized training in the manufacture of micro precision products at HMT factory, Bangalore. Mr. V. S. Gole learnt the tricks & principles of engineering right from his school days by pursuing a hobby of making prototypes of the commercial products.

The actual work at PRABODH NIRMAN began by taking smaller orders to solve customers problems in production shops. Subsequently many different types of Special Purpose Machines were supplied to different customers. Now the business is grown to a level where the firm undertakes Full scale factory automation for production of engineering goods. The range covers the component production at high productivity levels, assembly automation , as well as performance testing of products.