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Swarf Centrifuge ( Model :- COE -11 )


  • Ergonomically designed rigid metal body
  • Easy to operate
  • Recover almost 90% of oil present in the chippings of burr
  • Such recovered oil can be directly reused
  • Power Consumption : 1 Kw
  • Payback period 4 to 6 months


  • Power : 3Phase 440 V, 50Hz
  • Barrel capacity : 12 to 15 kg
  • Processing Capacity : 2 Tons /shift

Spin Coater

These Spin coaters are useful in Research in Science & Technology is the Future for Mankind Spin Coating is a promising process for thin film research in labs, Institutes & Colleges.
We offer 3 models of Spin Coaters to suit your specific needs.

Basic & Applied Research for Depositing uniform layer of THIN FILM

  • Photoresist in lithography
  • Magnetic film for Data recording
  • Anti reflective Optical films
  • Dielectric films of polymers
  • Phospher for display


  • Vacuum holding for Substrate
  • Transparent hinged Lid, with central aperture for dispensing Dope Solutions
  • Lid Closure Safety Interlock
  • Sturdy construction for better stability.
  • World class CE marked AC motor
  • Excellent speed control
  • Brushless operation giving maintenance free service
  • Digital Display
  • Color Touch screen operator panel
  • Vacuum Fault & Motor fault interlock


  • Portable Desk Top Models
  • Single Stage / Two Stage / Multistage models
  • Programmable model having multiple recipes for Spin Time & Spin Speed
  • Precision Spindle dynamically balanced to achieve Vibration free operation
  • Syringe holder for dropping Dope solution on the substrate
  • Oil free Vacuum pump with safety switch
  • Spill Bowl 8" with Lid Closure Safety Interlock
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We specialize in developing
Special Purpose Machines, Equipment
including import substitutes developed to cater
Specific needs of customers.
Various types of Spinners & Centrifuge Test
machines for simulation of test conditions in
number of applications is our Speciality.

Special Collet Clamping Cylinder
Line Interconnections : Rotary Feeders with Manual Index