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  • Gravity Feeders, Roller Skids and Auto Assembly Stations
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Special Purpose Machines
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  • Conveyorised Washing Machines
  • Single Piece Spray Wash
  • Agitator Washing Machines
  • Centrifugal Oil Extractor
  • Spin Coating Machines
  • Assembly Work Stations

  • Automation For High Speed Assembly of Parts
  • Indexing Machines For Production And Assembly
  • Geneva Mechanisms And Machines
  • Pick And Place Automation Pick And Place Automation
  • Component Elevators Feeders And Conveyors


Welcome to Prabodh Nirman

PRABODH NIRMAN was incorporated in the year 1995. The story began when two young engineering graduates were working for an institute called 'JNANA PRABODHINI' from year 1974 to 1988. An engineering research department of this institute was headed by Mr. V.Y. Kulkarni & subordinated by Mr. V.S. Gole. This department was working in the field of High Precision Engineering & the products were Precision Special Purpose timers having a range of milliseconds to hours. Swiss & German make machines like Tournous, Wahli, Posalux, Bole, Carl Zeiss & Acera etc.; were used to produce these timers. The other products were performance testing equipment like high 'G' centrifuge testing equipment & high speed spinning equipment.